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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQs

What is the ideal product for fibre recycling?

  • The ideal product for collection and recycling is clean corrugated cardboard, boxboard or paper.
  • Clean does not mean spotless. It means free of organic waste, chemical contamination, and plastic or Styrofoam. Plastics do not mix with paper, and have to removed during the sorting process. So do other foreign items, like waste wood and metaln.

Do I have to take the staples out of boxes?

  • No; neither do you have to remove cellophane packing tape, though that does help.
  • The simple rule is keep it clean, and don’t put anything in the recycling bins that you would not handle with bare hands.

How is the best way to handle shredded paper?

  • Shredded paper is accepted . The best way to handle the paper is to place it in a clear plastic bag. The clear bag will make the paper easier to see by the sorters. Putting the paper loose in the blue bin is alright, however the shredded paper becomes contaminated when it is placed on the work floor of the MRF.

Are the liners of cereal boxes acceptable for recycling

  • Yes the liners are acceptable

Can we put clamshell containers and plastic wrap in our recycle bin?

  • ​Yes NCSWMC still accepts these products in our system.​